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Craftsmanship Never Dates

Build the home of your dreams with bespoke timber framing that delivers on strength, coziness, and style. Nestle into a home that is effortless to style, and a joy to inhabit.

Queenstown Timber Homes

Some of the most beautiful homes that Nick (founder/director of Camako builders) has ever built, have been timber-frame homes. The character that your home acquires with this method is truely timeless, and stunning. If you want to stand out from the rest, and add the value that your home deserves, look no further.

To bring this unique home style to Queenstown, Nick has partnered with the experts at Heritage Timbercraft, you can see more of their work at the link below.

What Are Timber-Framed Homes?

A timber frame home is a house/building built around a structure of solid timber posts, beams, and rafters (commonly known as post and beam construction). In NZ we use sustainable douglas fir, and macrocarpa.

Heritage Timbercraft structure is held together with carefully crafted posts and beams, locked in together with mortise and tenon joints, and finished off with hardwood timber pegs to lock them together.

This method that has been used traditionally throughout the world for thousands of years, with many homes far outlasting the 50 year cycle of traditional, NZ stick-frame construction.

Faster, & Stronger Construction

One of the huge benefits to this method of construction is that once the structure is in place, the structure and engineering are taken care of. This means everything else to fill the gaps is superficial, and the options are endless.

When paired with insulated metal panels, we can give you a dry secure home in a very short space of time compared to traditional stick frame construction. You'll save on expensive labour costs, and gain high insulation values.

Join the Revolution. Let's Bring Real Timber Construction Back to Life in NZ.

We have a series of pre designed concept plans that you can choose from. However, if it's something bespoke you are after, then please do not hesitate to get in touch, and we'll bring your dreams to reality.

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